Dead Skeleton Astronauts – Space Stories Magazine

Dead Skeleton Astronauts – Space Stories Magazine

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Space Stories, a pulp based magazine which ran from October 1952 to June 1953, featured five issues of fiction related to stories from space. It was co-published by Standard Magazines and edited by Sam Mines. It was sold in bookstores and by subscription and was distributed through the United Kingdom and the United States.

The magazine is published with a standard two-page, full color, single sided cover that features an author’s name along with the main subject or theme. The inside of the magazine contains a full-color one-page insert for each issue and is generally accompanied by a story about the issue, a brief review of it, a description of its main characters, and a complete list of the magazine’s contents. There are also some advertisements placed on the pages. The ads usually have the names of the advertisers and their address.

There were a lot of famous people who contributed to the success of Space Stories, and many of them were very famous. Some of them include Isaac Asimov, Stanley Gough, Donald Barthelme, Robert Sheckley, Bernard Weiss, William Stafford, Richard Matheson, Jack Williamson, Alan Dean Foster, and Ray Bradbury. All of these authors and celebrities are represented in the pages of the magazine, and many of them wrote short stories or one-pagers about their experiences in space. In addition, some of the famous astronauts also have their own pages. For instance, Frank Borman’s page is dedicated to him, whereas Alan Shepard’s is dedicated to John Glenn.

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Space Stories Magazine October 2951

In the first issue, which was dedicated to Jack Williamson, there is a story about NASA’s character, Jim Lovell, who was working on a project called Project Gemini. His mission was to test the effects of a free falling capsule on the surface of the moon. This capsule fell on the lunar surface, causing a big shock. This experiment resulted in Lovell’s death and another major controversy about the project. The following issue in the Space Stories series was devoted to the Mercury program, with a story about the launch of Gemini 4. It was written by Stanley Gough.

In summary, we really love this magazine series here at Paranormal Society. This Space Stories series was a big hit and if you are resourceful at finding older magazines, there are still a number of copies for sale at various websites like Ebay and Amazon. We were so inspired by this series that we had our inhouse illustrator Hiorsh create an awesome exclusive t shirt for Studio UFO, you can order yours by clicking here.

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