Aliens From Movies & TV Series: Volm

Aliens From Movies & TV Series: Volm

Volm Are an Alien Specie in the Falling Skies Series


In this Alien 101 series we’re going to be covering some of them most interesting aliens, both fictional and real. We’ve selected the Volm as our first alien to write about primarily because one of our in-house artist, Randy Conrad, sculpted a Volm in Zbrush (A 3D sculpting program) and the Volm are certainly a noteworthy species.

The Volm species are a mysterious humanoid alien race featured in the TV show Falling Skies. Volm were a vital part of the show in Falling Sky. They were well known for their ability to fight on any terrain and they also had skills in hand to hand combat.

The Volm can be seen as a kind of mythological creature. They were also very mysterious and hard to understand. They had the ability to breath chlorine and survive in extreme toxic conditions that would kill a human in short time. Because they had to flee their homeworld Volm were born and raised aboard their spaceship. Warfare was so ingrained in their history and lifestyle, the young were born into it, grew up in battle, which made them a warrior species. Emotions were considered a weakness and so it was frowned upon within their society and they did not encourage the expression of emotions. As such, a dying Volm tended to accept their fate, and not fight against their death. Any attempt to prolong life by a Volm who was destined to die was seen as a type of selfish narcissism.

The Volm first appearance was in the season two episode of Falling Sky. In this episode, Volm was the last species to escape and were stranded on a space station. They were captured by the Espenis because they were responsible for killing their king which caused the Espenis to take revenge. After escaping, the Volm formed an alliance with their allies and decided to take on the Espenis for revenge.

Volm Technology

Amongst their innovations included machines that were able to safely extract an Overlord’s Harness. These huge machines needed an operator to manage and were able to severe the connection between the Harness to the host without harming the host. (Episode: On Thin Ice) This worked by extracting the fibers from the Harness and rooting out the nuclear without affecting the host’s spine or central nervous system. However, the procedure also removed all the advantages the Harness supplied to the host such as having the ability to heal any diseases. (Episode: At All Expenses) They had smaller sized versions of these devices that lacked a view screen that could be placed on an individuals back and operated through instinct to remove spikes from a previously Harnessed individual. (Episode: A Thing with Plumes) Though clinically advanced, they lacked the means of effectively removing the resident of an Espheni cocoon as all attempts had resulted in the death of the private inside.

To pierce their own skin, they designed hand-held six-petawatt lasers that provided 180 joules of energy with each pulse that could cut through their exoskeletal sheath.  They additionally developed a fast acting toxin that was able to kill them faster before they might regenerate, and was designed as a means to kill themselves to prevent being captured by the enemy.  Volm-modified weapons can penetrate through thick concrete and could down targets even with a direct line of sight . One weapon that they developed was a rifle that fired lightning-like electrical blasts that stunned several targets within a certain vicinity, and left them stunned for a couple of hours. They also had concussion-causing weapons that would project acoustic waves with the power to turn boulders into sand.

Volm had also assembled mobile holographic projectors that took the kind of box shaped devices. When triggered, they were able to predict a big interactive hologram of a world. They used small recon drones that were a fraction of the size of human drones, and they surveyed the landscape. Telemetry from these advanced drones were used by the Volm to scout for danger and other threats.  Another gadget was a subspace communicator that had the ability to intercept enemy interactions and boosted the ability cut through their firewalls in order to call for support light-years away. Their tracking devices were able to find and track the source of jamming disturbance.  Volm were by no means an inferior alien race. They had advanced technology that aided their survival. We really admire this alien race, as we admired and loved the Falling Skies series.

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