Why People Welcome UFO Abductions in 2020

Why People Welcome UFO Abductions in 2020

Why People Hate 2020 and Would Rather be Abducted

One doesn’t have to look very far to understand why 2020 is quickly becoming the least favorite year of all time. From catastrophic panemics to worldwide protests, It’s no wonder more and more people are actually thinking that a UFO abduction in 2020 might not be such a bad idea. UFO abduction, sometimes known as alien abduction syndrome, or UFO experience, is a deeply held belief that the alleged “abductee” describes “non-physical” experiences of being forcibly or willingly abducted by unidentified aliens where they are subjected to psychological and physical experimentation. The belief is that these “abductees” have been subjected to mind-altering mental and emotional manipulation and control. Some abductees have reported seeing their abductors, others have described their physical movements and encounters with their abductors and some have described their experiences as part of a group. These accounts vary widely and have led to a large amount of media attention about the phenomenon.

UFO Abduction 2020

Different Kinds of UFO Abductions

Most individuals who have had an abduction feel that their experience is real, and has been reported by many people, but others claim that it was only a dream or hallucination. There are a great deal of UFO abduction reports, but not all of them have been investigated properly and the investigators conclude that such events are simply unexplainable.

While the majority of UFO abduction experiences can be categorized as alien abductions, there are a number of cases that appear to be close encounter incidents (CEAs) or encounter reports. A CEA is usually described in a book, but often has no scientific evidence to support it. For instance, some CEA reports describe a UFO that disappears at low altitude before appearing to land and landing again, but this does not prove that an alien technology was involved.

Abduction reports may include details of physical events such as a flying object landing, lights and sounds, the smell of “burning grass”, or a strong presence of an “alien” in the surroundings. However, the witness’s account may be vague and inconsistent. The most common reason for inconsistency is when witnesses do not remember certain parts of their experiences. In fact, even when abductees are interviewed in detail, the interviewers often attempt to steer the conversation away from discussing too much detail.

Abductees who are unable to recall key details of their experiences often report being “paralyzed” or having a strong sense of fear. While these events are not uncommon in reality, the vast majority of cases in which abductees have reported these symptoms do not result in a full-blown physical confrontation with an alien force.


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Are All Abductees Permanently Damaged?

Psychological disturbances are usually difficult to pin point. Theories about the nature of these disturbances range from hallucinations to delusions. Theories of physical disturbances include physical trauma or injury to the brain, such as a blow to the head or being exposed to high temperatures or radiation, as well as symptoms of brain trauma such as insomnia and altered perception of reality. But not all abduction experiences are considered bad, many believe that their encounter is more spiritual and that they have learned new information about life and other worlds. The abductees who have had a pleasant experience do not generally report any emotional or mental manipulation or forced programming. These very different types of abductions makes one believe that maybe there are different species at work here.

Abduction experiences are common among UFO hunters because they tend to be very detailed, unlike the more vague accounts. It is not unusual for a UFO hunter to spend several hours talking to an alleged abduction victim in order to collect as much evidence as possible to add to his or her file. A good UFO hunter will not leave any rock unturned.

It is important to note that while the differences in many of the accounts are considerable, it is hard to conclude what may be true from just looking at different accounts. All accounts of UFO abductions should be investigated thoroughly, including those that have a possibility of having an alien involvement.

Abduction accounts are not the only sources of information about UFO related activities. Satellite images can show objects that have not been launched into space. However, most NASA and US military and government photos are not shared publicly. But once in a while, photos are leaked to the public.

Are all UFO Abductions Bad?

However, most credible evidence shows that there is more to this phenomenon than meets the eye, and more credible proof shows that it is likely a real phenomenon. A lot of scientific research on this subject has proven that alien life exists, and that they have been visiting Earth for millions of years. As we learn more and more about the different kinds of abductions maybe we’ll be able to understand why we’re visited by both benevolent and malevolent aliens. With the way 2020 has been going so far, maybe being carried off by friendly aliens isn’t such a bad idea after all.

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