Ghost Stories 101 – Art of Story Telling

Ghost Stories 101 – Art of Story Telling

Ghost Stories in a Nutshell

A ghost story can be anything from an original short story to a long novel, or even just takes on as a premise the idea of spirits or ghosts existing. The ghost may be summoned or actually appear on its own accord. The stories range from tragic to comedy and are often laced with romance. It is interesting to note that one of the most popular ghost stories around is the haunted house ghost story.

Haunted House Stories

There are several different types of haunted house ghost stories. The first is the story about a bride and groom who have recently been married and are haunted by their ghosts. The couple spends their married life wondering if the ghosts are really after them and what they have done to make them come back as hauntingly as they did before they were married. They have no idea that they have done anything wrong to bring their ghosts back. The ghostly couple has also no idea that their friends are constantly being haunted by their ghosts.

Another version of a ghost story is about two brothers that had a big fight when they were children over a doll they never played with. When their father died, the brothers buried him and never knew that they had buried him with their father’s pocketbook. When their grandmother found out, she became suspicious of the boys and brought them home for a talk. The two boys did not want to admit that they had been haunting the dolls and instead claimed that it was the ghost of their deceased father.


There are also several ghost stories that have nothing to do with the real world. A good example is the story of a girl named Polly. Polly lives with her mother, aunt and father in the house of a very rich man in order to help her family with their money. Polly’s family believes that she can travel into the spirit world in order to help them get the money that the man has left behind.

Polly gets so caught up in her imagination that she starts to believe that she can travel into the spirit world. Eventually, her family begins to worry because Polly is not coming back. when they ask her if she will come back.

Polly’s father makes a deal with a local ghost hunter who goes to Polly’s house with the hope of helping her find her. Polly finds herself trapped in the house of a ghost.

Famous Haunted House Stories

One of the most famous versions of a haunted house ghost story involves two siblings, a brother and sister called Dolly and Billy. The sisters move into a very large home and soon become obsessed with decorating the house. They start to believe that the house is haunted and hire a ghost hunter.

The hunter goes to the house for a report, only to find that the house is not haunted. The sister goes to sleep and the brother goes to work. As the night progresses, the ghost hunter watches as the two sisters are plagued by voices and noises, but they have no idea that the hunter is actually in their home. Dolly and the hunter begins to worry, believing that someone is haunting the house. The next morning the hunter visits the house, only to see the spirits of Billy and Dolly standing in front of the doors.

Another famous haunted house ghost story involves a little boy called James. As a child, James would visit the house every night with his mother. Every night he would hear the voices of his mother talking to someone, but James couldn’t hear what she was saying.

As the years went on, James began to get very scared and started hiding away from his mother. He also started hearing footsteps and other sounds while in the house, and his mother would leave him alone to go to bed.

Finally, when James’ mother passes away, James decides to bury her in order to keep her spirit away from him. He does this for the last time and when the police show up at his house to investigate.